Top 7 Best Wet Foods for Kittens: An Unbiased Review

Some kittens prefer dry food, while others are big on moist food. If your pet leans toward the latter type, you will definitely want to know the name of the best wet food for a kitten. In this case, you are in the right place. As some fellows with felines love the moist texture, we are confident the recommendations below will soon be on your shopping list.

Best Wet Food For A Kitten

Royal Canin Canned Food For Health & Nutrition- Best Overall

Royal Canin Canned Cat Food for Persian Kittens

Royal Canin Canned Cat Food – Image Source: Amazon

We have searched high and low to find the best wet food option for our cats, and after months of looking, we discovered Royal Canin Canned Cat Food. The reason for it to be the number one on this list lies in the ingredients. Containing high-value protein sources such as chicken liver and pork liver, this recipe will surely offer your kitten enough nutrients to develop quickly and healthily.

Plus, the product includes fish oil, which is the main supply of omega-3 fatty acids and fat. These elements are present in the ideal ratios, giving the skin, hair, and brain much-needed nourishment. Even better, the chunky texture is easy to enjoy and consume, making it suitable for most kittens’ preferences.

The biggest drawback that we, and many other owners, notice is the price. We know the benefits this product brings, but my goodness, it has such a high price tag! Considering how much we will have to spend on food, we say it would cost a fortune to keep up with our cats’ diet.


  • Rich in nutrients
  • Easy-to-consume texture
  • Good for overall development
  • Delicious taste loved by most kittens


  • A bit expensive

Purina Friskies Gravy Wet Cat Food With Poultry Shreds – Best Gravy-Like Option

Purina Friskies Gravy Wet Cat Food for Persian Kittens

Purina Friskies Gravy Wet Cat Food – Image Source: Amazon

Like us humans, cats and kittens love gravy, too. For gravy-fan pets out there, this Purina Friskies Gravy Wet Cat Food will surely make them lick the plate clean. Besides the right amount of water content, the almost gravy-like consistency makes the whole dish more enjoyable.

With real chicken and turkey shreds as the primary component, you can rest assured that your kitty will fall in love with the recipe while getting enough protein to grow their tiny little body. The nutritional values packed in this diet will help your kitten thrive to the fullest. Brain, vision, hair, and skin are all well taken care of.

That being said, we see some kittens may not like the taste of this. We aren’t sure about what exactly the reason is; maybe it’s just a matter of preference. Yet, we still recommend that you give it a try.


  • Gravy-like consistency
  • Made of real meat
  • Help grow muscles
  • Good for the brain, vision, hair, and skin


  • Not all kittens like the taste

Fancy Feast Classic Pate Chicken Feast – Best Pate Form

Fancy Feast Classic Pate Chicken Feast for Kittens

Fancy Feast Classic Pate Chicken Feast – Image Source: Amazon

Suppose pate is your feline’s thing; this Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food is something you must purchase. The exquisitely soft and supple pate texture of these gourmet meals will satisfy even the pickiest cat. Thanks to this soft and smooth form, it will make it easy for the young kitten to consume.

Fancy Feast provides 100% complete, balanced nourishment along with vital vitamins and minerals. This will ensure your cat gets what it needs to thrive strong and fast. Plus, the price tag is unbelievably cheap compared to other wet food options on the market. You can take good care of your pet while not breaking the bank.

Although this option is great for your budget, we want to warn you about one thing. This recipe can sometimes cause gassy issues for kittens with extremely sensitive stomachs. So watch out; examine your furry friend’s state after eating the dish. If your kitten passes gas often, you may want to switch to other recommendations on this list.


  • Soft and smooth pate texture
  • Affordable
  • Provide enough nutrients, vitamins, and minerals


  • May lead to gas issues
  • Not suitable for exceptionally sensitive stomachs

IAMS PERFECT PORTIONS Healthy Kitten Grain Free Paté – Best For Convenience

IAMS PERFECT PORTIONS Healthy Kitten Grain Free Paté

IAMS PERFECT PORTIONS Healthy Kitten Grain Free Paté – Image Source: Amazon

Let’s face it; not everyone has enough spare time to be around their cat 24/7 due to work, family life, etc. If you are one of them, you will understand the pain. 

So, to make the most out of the time with your pet, you need to cut down on the time spent on unnecessary chores. Preparing the cat food and cleaning their bowl are some things you can pass. And this is when IAMS PERFECT PORTIONS Paté comes to the rescue.

As you can tell by the name, each of the packages is already in the perfect portion. All you need to do is split it in half (as each package is divided into two trays), tear the lid, and serve it to your lovely feline. You don’t even need to get it into the feeding bowl. 

The cat can eat straight from the tray. Convenient, easy, perfect for busy people. Once the kitten finishes its meal, you can throw it in the trash. And voila! Plus, the meat is there, the nutrients with loads of vitamins and minerals are there, and the taste is also there. Ideal, right? This is also on our list of the best wet food for Persian kittens.

But notice that the smell is quite, well, smelly. So, suppose your cat isn’t into that; this might not be the best option. Other than that, we say this is a must-try.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Great chicken taste
  • Contain vitamin E and DHA to support the immune system and brain health
  • Nourish coat and skin with fatty acids 


  • Slightly smelly

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Wet Kitten Food – Best Premium Option

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Wet Kitten Food

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Wet Kitten Food – Image Source: Amazon

Where are the rich cats at? If money is not your concern, why not try the ultimate premium option – Wellness CORE Wet Kitten Food? When we say it’s premium, we mean premium. The price tag is one of the highest we have ever seen. Still, when we flip the can over to check the ingredient list and nutrition content, we understand why.

Containing high-quality protein sources such as chicken, chicken liver, turkey, etc., this one is the closest thing we can find that is similar to the diet of the pet’s ancestor. Plus, the product is an excellent alternative for those who want the benefits of a raw diet for their pet but want to stay away from salmonella.

One thing we have to complain about, you guessed it, is the price. We know it is an outstanding and nutrient-filled recipe, but why does it have to be so costly? It is definitely not for everyone and every cat. Still, if you have the budget for it, be our guest. Besides all the fuss we have over the price tag, we have to admit, it’s worth every penny.


  • High-quality protein sources
  • Excellent premium recipe
  • Can be used for cats on the raw diet
  • Made without grain


  • High price tag

Fussie Cat Wet Food With Premium Tuna And Chicken – Best Choice For Allergic Cats

Fussie Cat Wet Food With Premium Tuna And Chicken for Persian Kittens

Fussie Cat Wet Food With Premium Tuna And Chicken – Image Source: Amazon

Every cat owner’s worst nightmare is their pet getting an allergy. So, for those looking for the safest option, Fussie Cat Premium Wet Cat Food. Checking the ingredient list, we were thrilled and had to jump for joy. 

We are not exaggerating! Look, it is grain-free and made without corn, potato, soy, wheat, artificial colors, or preservatives! The chance of your precious animal getting any allergic reaction has now dropped to nearly 0%.

Although the recipe may seem simple and quite short, you know what they say: sometimes less is more. The main components are tuna, chicken, and vegetables, rich in vitamins and DHA that help develop the kitten’s brain and maintain good health.

Although it’s not the most expensive option on this list, it surely leans towards the high-price-tag side. Plus, some say the tuna taste is quite strong for the cat’s liking, but this depends on the pet’s personal taste.


  • Allergic-free
  • Simple yet delicious recipe
  • Contain many vitamins and DHA


  • Pricey
  • Overwhelming tuna smell, not suitable for some cats’ taste

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Grain Free High Nutrition Pate – Best For High Protein Content

Natural Grain Free High Nutrition Pate for Kittens

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Grain Free High Nutrition Pate – Image Source: Amazon

Need protein to gain those muscles for your kitten? We suggest you go for this option: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Pate Wet Cat Food. Made of real salmon, chicken, and chicken liver, these protein sources are exactly what your furry friend needs to gain muscle and grow strongly.

Aside from the nutrients, the taste also appeals to young felines. Take our pets as examples. Every time we put the food in their bowl, they rush over and lick it clean and dry. 

If that’s not the clearest sign of the food tasting irresistible, we don’t know what is. Plus, it is also grain-free. This means you don’t need to worry about your pet getting any grain-allergic reaction. 100% grain-allergic-free. Cool, isn’t it?

That being said, we notice this treat from Blue Buffalo is quite dry, even though it is labeled as wet food. We think it would be much better if the manufacturer increased the water content in the recipe.


  • Rich in proteins
  • Real meat ingredients
  • Yummy taste
  • No grain


  • Dry texture, need more water content

Buying Guide On Choosing The Best Wet Food For A Kitten

Taking care of a kitten is a challenging task. You will need to pay close attention to its diet so that it can grow healthily. Here are the most crucial criteria to consider while picking the recipe for your furries.

Nutrient And Calories Contents

This factor is the most important thing to consider, as kittens need to eat a certain diet to support their development and growth. Thus, search for goods that offer a well-balanced combination of nutrients while assessing wet food alternatives. Wet food for cats of the highest caliber should have all the necessary lipids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Also, keep an eye on the calorie contents of the package. In comparison to adult cats, kittens need more calories per pound of body weight to thrive, ideally around 250-280 calories a day.


Besides the nutritional and calorie values, the ingredients in the recipe are another thing to consider carefully. It is recommended to look for products with high-quality protein sources as the main ingredient, like turkey, chicken, or fish.

We also suggest you steer clear of artificial coloring, preservatives, and additives since these could not be good for your kitten’s health. Oh, and let’s not forget to keep an eye on potential allergens such as wheat, soy, or dairy, as some kittens may have sensitivity or allergy issues.


We know lots of cat owners don’t pay much attention to this criterion, yet it is quite important. The nutritional content and palatability of wet food are highly dependent on how fresh it is. Thus, always ensure the products you pick have a decent shelf life by looking for expiration dates on the packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It OK To Give Kittens Wet Food Every Day?

Yes. Your cat can be fed wet food as part of a regular diet. Wet food has less carbohydrates, more protein, and more moisture. This is good for your kitten’s kidney, liver, and weight control. For small kittens, we need to know what to feed 4 weeks old kittens, what is should and what shouldn’t. 

How Much Wet Food Should My Cat Eat Per Day?

A kitten’s daily food intake should be between 0.5 and 0.75 ounces (15–20 grams). With this amount of food, it will most likely develop and grow healthily.

Should I Add Water To Kittens’ Wet Food?

While adding water to your kitten’s wet food is OK, it is typically not required unless you are specifically attempting to enhance your cat’s daily water intake. Plus, you are welcome to do this if your pet experiences dehydration.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Wet Cat Food?

The expense is one drawback of wet food. This diet has a higher moisture content. This means you will have to pay that extra money for the water content in the product. Plus, it will run out faster than dry kibble, so you will have to purchase more frequently.

Picking the best wet food for a kitten can be a bit tricky. For those who are still indecisive on which product to purchase, we recommend Royal Canin Canned Food For Health & Nutrition. It is our top option for the overall benefits it brings and its easy-to-eat aspect. 

You can test it out. If your cat doesn’t like it, you can move on and try other options. The beauty of seeking the best diet is that you can always try different foods and flavors, so don’t worry. With our assistance, you will soon find the one.

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