Persian Cat Rescue – A Guide To Finding A Persian Cat For Adoption

Persian cat rescue is a compassionate initiative aimed at rescuing and rehoming Persian cats in need. However, finding and bringing one home is far from a simple task. 

You’ve got to check out trustworthy breeders or rescue groups, set up your place for their arrival, and make sure to give them the care they deserve. How to find and adopt a Persian cat? Follow us to make the process a breeze!

How To Find A Persian Cat Rescue Organization?

You can explore breed-specific rescue websites dedicated to Persian cats, read the reviews, and choose the most reputable place to adopt the cat. Moreover, you can also visit local shelters and contact animal control or humane societies to inquire about available Persians.

Online Resources

To find a Persian cat for adoption, you can start by exploring online resources. Conduct a breed search on the internet to discover available Persians in your area.

You can use platforms like Petfinder, Adopt-a-Pet, or Rescue Me, which often list cats and kittens seeking homes from various shelters and rescues. These online tools will provide you with a convenient way to browse through potential furry companions and learn more about their backgrounds.

persian cat adoption

Persian cats need to be rescued – Source: Flickr

Visit Shelters And Rescues

You can also take a hands-on approach to finding your Persian cat by visiting local shelters and rescue facilities. Make thorough research on nearby animal shelters and organizations by contacting your local animal control and humane societies.

It’s always best to visit these locations in person to see if they have any Persians available for adoption. A direct visit allows you to interact with potential feline friends and explore the possibility of providing them with a loving home.

A Persian Cat was shaved and groomed before adoption.

A Persian Cat was shaved and groomed before adoption. MSPCA-Angell

Some places where you can adopt a Persian cat in the USA include:

  • ASPCA Adoption Center
  • Cats Pawjamas Rescue Society
  • East Lake Pet Orphanage
  • Best Friend Lifesaving Center
  • Madison Cat Project
  • Nine Lives Cat Lounge & Adoption Center
  • Anjellicle Cats Rescue
  • The Cat House on the Kings
  • Pet Pride Cat Shelter
  • Sean Casey Animal Rescue
Finding a Persian cat for adoption online

Finding a Persian cat for adoption

What To Consider When Adopting Persian Cats?


Adopting a Persian cat is a more affordable option, ranging from $75 to $100. This fee covers the Persian cat adoption process, and you’ll be asked to pay it after your application is approved and a home visit is completed. It helps with the cat’s medical care and the costs of caring for them.

However, buying a Persian from a breeder costs more, between $600 and $1,200. This fee includes the cat, tools for their fur, and their food, which is more than $1,000 in total.

Rescue Organization

When you find a rescue organization, it’s best to contact them and ask about their adoption process and rules. Good rescuers will gladly answer your questions and share more about the cats’ actions. 

After choosing the rescue, you need to fill out their adoption application and gather needed documents like proof of your home situation. Some rescues might check your home to ensure it’s safe for a new petty member.

Moreover, before finalizing the adoption, you should carefully read the contract. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions. If everything looks good, pay the adoption fee and sign the contract.

CFA Breed Registration

To officially recognize your Persian cat as a true Persian, you need to get it registered with the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). 

Without this registration, your cat won’t be officially considered a Persian, and you won’t have the necessary documents. It’s important to ensure your little friend is formally recognized as part of the breed.


It will help if you ask the organization for references and details about the cat’s background, health, and temperament. 

This step is crucial to make sure you’re bringing home a new companion that is not only healthy but also well-socialized. It also helps ensure a positive and informed adoption experience for you and the cat.


Training a Persian should not throw you any curveballs due to their calm temperament. Given their indoor nature, focus on providing the right litter tray for them.

You should start training them at a young age to adapt to your household routine and habits. This early training makes the integration of a cat into your home smoother. It also helps establish a harmonious and enjoyable relationship with your new feline friend.

Training adoption cats are necessary

Training adoption cats are necessary. Source: Catster

Place To Live

When adopting a cat, you should consider their need for a secure and comfortable indoor living space. A Persian cat might not be the ideal fit if you have a small department or limited space.

Besides, it’s best to ensure a clean environment by providing a hygienic litter box in a quiet spot away from their food and water.

You should create a pet-proof area for them to rest and play, free from hazards like sharp objects or toxic plants. Moreover, a soft bed and a scratching post are important for their comfort and well-being.

Care Needs

Persians have beautiful coats and flat faces, requiring regular grooming. Therefore, daily brushing is essential to prevent matting, especially for those with fuller coats. Besides, watery eyes are a common issue in flat-faced Persians, so you need to clean them daily to avoid infections.

Like any other pets, Persian cats need monthly baths. You can use specially designed products for their unique need, including color-enhancer shampoo for those with distinct fur colors. 

Regular bathing maintains cleanliness and smooth fur and adds shine to their coat.

Health Issues

Due to breeding practices, Persian cats may face dental problems. Regular teeth cleaning and possible extractions are necessary to promote oral health. Besides, you should clean their ears regularly to prevent infections in Persians, addressing their specific needs.

Also, these furballs are prone to joint issues, heart problems, eye ulcers, and kidney disease. Thus, you should bring them to a veterinary clinic for regular check-ups and manage these concerns.

Moreover, you can ask the veterinarian for a feeding schedule with a balanced diet to meet their nutritional requirements. Remember that fresh water should be available at all times to keep them well-hydrated. Read more How to keep your Persian cats healthy

Persian cats need to be cleaned their ears more often

Clean their ears regularly to prevent infections

In short, if you’re looking to bring a Persian into your home, adopting through a Persian cat rescue is a great choice. Remember to check with the rescue organizations, ask questions, and fill out the adoption forms. 

Keep in mind the specific needs of these felines, such as grooming requirements and potential health concerns. Finally, enjoy the journey of finding and welcoming your furry friend into your home!

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