All About Persian Cat For Sale – Price And More

Finding a Persian cat for sale is a hot topic among many kitten lovers, as this feline is super adorable and sweet-tempered. Persians are not hyperactive but comfortable to pet and fun to play with. 

Nobody can resist cuddling a furball with a thick, soft coat and a sweet expression like the Persian type. Let’s find out more about this lovely animal right now!

Persian cat for sale - What should we know before buying

Persian cat – a cute feline with soft fur – Image source: Flickr

Persian Cat Background


Introduced in Europe in the 1500s, Persians’ longhaired cats originated from Persian and Angora breeds. Some researchers said their appearance is likely due to a recessive gene mutation.

An Italian explorer named Pietro della Valle was the first person to bring this lovely breed to Europe. It was first described as a gray cat with long and silky fur.

When the breed was introduced to America in the late 1800s, it quickly became the top cat breed. The American Persian has evolved a distinctive style and become popular, especially in North America.

Physical Attributes

The breed is usually medium to large in size, featuring an all-brown shade with random spots. The coat can have both long and short hair.

This lovely feline possesses various eye colors, such as gooseberry green, brown, and gold, making it look even more elegant. 

They usually have a minimum 2-inch tail, some with curls or kinks.


Persian cats are ideal for those who prefer placid, sweet-tempered companions but not hyperactive pets. While not as inquisitive or active as some breeds, these furry friends are intelligent and might delight you with their playful behavior.

The feline breed is quite loyal to people, but they are selectively affectionate. They will show their feelings if they don’t get enough attention, but they will not be harsh like some other types of cats. Therefore, it’s crucial for us – cat parents – to gain their love and trust.

Persian cat for sale - what we need to know before buying

Persian kittens have a sweet temper – Image source: pexels

Persian Cat For Sale – What To Know

A Persian kitty costs about $1500. Since it has quite long, soft fur, frequent care is necessary. If you think you can spend time and budget on them, this feline is the right choice for you. 

Persian Cat For Sale Price

The Persian cat kitten price ranges from $500 to $5000, depending mostly on the color of eyes and fur. $1500 is considered an average price. 

If you want a furry friend with a white coat and bright eyes, you’ll likely need to pay more for this unparalleled beauty.

What To Consider Before Having A Persian Cat 


Knowing the Persian cat price is the first thing you should think about before purchasing. This wonderful creature does not cost just a little money; thus, you should consider your budget. 

Plus, the kitten requires meticulous care, especially their fur. Therefore, you’d better plan your finances well if you don’t want to have an untidy and unhealthy cat.             


Apart from white, beige and gray are popular colors. However, it’s not always easy to get your desired option. 

You may need to wait for some time or spend time in different pet shops to get your best choice. 

Face Types

You can see 2 types of Persian kitten faces: traditional and flat-faced, and the second one is more popular among American cat owners. 

Since both types are cute and stunning, it all depends on your personal preference to pick what you want. 

Flat-face Persian

Flat-face Persian – Image source: Wikimedia commons

CFA Breed Registration

When you find a Persian kitten for sale, always remember to ask for their CFA breed registration. The cat is not determined as long as it’s registered with proper CFA documents.

The paper indicates that the bloodline of the breed is established and proven. Thus, register your kitten as soon as you purchase it.


Monthly bathing is necessary when you grow a Persian kitty to keep its fur clean and tangle-free. Sometimes, you even need a degreaser or baby powder to remove oils and untie matted patches on the fur.

In some cases, color enhancers are also useful to make the coat color brighter. After that, apply shampoo and conditioner.

Ensure that you buy the specific products for your little four-legged friend but not the human one. And don’t apply any of them to your kitty’s eyes.


Before having a Persian cat, you should know that they need daily brushing, and you need to be ready to do so. Otherwise, the fur knots can turn your beautiful kitten into a messy, furry little monster. Plus, the knots can pull their tender skin under the belly, legs, and arms.

The daily brushing process is more important than you thought. It’s not only about their beauty but their health.

Since their fur is soft and cotton-like, fur balls or hairballs can develop, and the cat will do the daily self-grooming. 

But without your daily care and help, the hair can be collected in their stomach, causing irritation. Then, you need to buy medication or bring your little cat to a vet.

Daily brushing for your Persian cat is a must

Daily brushing is a must – Image source: pexels

Grooming Cost

Though you brush your kitten’s coat every day, they need to go to the groomer once or twice per year. The cost of one visit is around $70. So consider if you are ready to spend time and money on this service for your beautiful cat or not. 

Common Issues With Eyes And Nose

There are some moments when your pet can become weak or sick with some diseases. And the most common issues for Persian felines are watery eyes and runny noses.

A cute, flat-faced Persian can easily take your heart away. But, you should remember that due to their face structure, they may face serious nasal and eye problems, requiring more care. 

Kittens with a flatter face tend to catch colds and allergies easily. As for the traditional kitty, you need to pay more attention to their eye muck.

Treat Them As Indoor Cats

Persian cats, who were formerly grown by kings and concubines, should live in peace and harmony indoors. They were not bred for outdoor use but rather as ornamental cats. 

Putting them outside with unfamiliar people may result in infection and harm to their exquisite coats. Your little Persians are happiest and more content when they live indoors.

It’s not difficult to find a Persian cat for sale. However, before buying, you should consider some factors according to your preference, budget, and the time you can spend caring for your kitten. 

If you are a true cat lover, this feline can be your best mate. 

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