10 Best Cat Food For Persian Kitten – Reviews & Top Picks

Do you know each cat breed requires a specialized food formula to thrive to their best? Today, let’s focus on the gracious Persian kitten. As Persian cat owners ourselves, we have let our furry friends tested and tried several options. Here is our list of the best cat food for Persian kittens. Check it out to learn new things about choosing food for your kittens.

Best Cat Food For Persian Kitten

Royal Canin Persian Breed Dry Kitten Food – Best Overall

Best Cat Food For Persian Kitten

Royal Canin Persian Breed Dry Kitten Food – Image Source: Amazon

On top of the list, we have Royal Canin Persian Breed Dry Kitten Food. This chicken dry kibble is rated one of the most loved foods by our furry friends. When looking into the ingredients list, we are amazed by how natural and organic it is!

Let’s see, chicken fat, brewer rice, corn, pea fiber, etc., all sound great for a Persian furry. Plus, it contains loads of vitamins (B, E, D, etc.) and minerals (zinc, calcium, etc.) – the secret to the kitten’s well-being and the fluffy fur ball that we all fall for.

Still, there is one thing we need to point out, which is the price. This product leans toward the expensive side, but this is probably because it doesn’t contain artificial coloring, preservatives, or other artificial chemicals. You get what you paid for, right? So, for that reason, we still have to place it number one on this list.


  • High in nutrient content
  • Extremely safe and additive-free
  • A fusion of wet and dry food
  • Good for dental health, skin, and coat
  • Support the immune system and boost digestive health
  • Tailor-made kibble shapes for different kittens’ jaw and facial structure


  • Pricey

AvoDerm Natural Grain Free Wet Cat Food – Best Premium Choice

Best Cat Food For Persian Kitten (2)

AvoDerm Natural Grain-free Wet Cat Food – Image Source: Amazon

Suppose you are someone who doesn’t care about the price and just wants to get the best things for your furry friend. First of all, we wish we could be you. Second of all, you should try this AvoDerm Natural Grain-Free Wet Cat Food!

Your adorable pet will be able to savor the luxury taste of the sea, as the main components include tuna and carbs. These Omega-3-filled ingredients will bring a full dish of nutrition for your cat to enjoy, supporting it to get the optimal state of health. 

Plus, the formula that the manufacturer used to create this Persian cat kitten food is highly digestible. So you can rest assured that your kitten’s tummy will be protected and unharmed.

The only thing we can complain about AvoDerm is its price tag. There is no doubt that the quality is worth it. Yet, it will be a lot more accessible if the price is lower. And we also wish Avoderm could chop the food chunks down a bit for our little fur son.


  • Luxury seafood flavor
  • Rich in omega 3 and vitamins
  • Highly digestible
  • Free of corn, soy, and grain


  • Pricey
  • Quite sizable chunks

Blue Buffalo Baby Blue Healthy Growth Dry Cat Food – Best Chicken Recipe

Best Cat Food For Persian Kitten (3)

Blue Buffalo Baby Blue Healthy Growth Dry Cat Food – Image Source: Amazon

Although there are some other chicken options on this list, Blue Buffalo Baby Blue Kitten Dry Cat Food is still the best chicken flavor kibble we know. Trust us, our Persian kitten approved this too. Made of chicken meal and deboned chicken combined with brown rice, this product retains the most flavor from the real meat, bringing a more authentic taste.

Moreover, the food includes the brand’s exclusive LifeSource Bits, supporting immune system health for your feline. It also comes with a large amount of the vital fatty acids DHA and ARA that are present in breast milk. This aids in promoting retinal and brain development. 

Still, if your cat has a sharp nose or doesn’t like stinky food, this treat may not be the best choice. Because boy does it smell! Other than that, Blue Buffalo Baby Blue is amazing for Persian kittens.


  • Real-meat ingredient
  • Rich is fatty acids
  • Exclusive LifeSource Bits
  • Quite affordable


  • A bit smelly

ORIJEN Original Cat, Grain Free Dry Cat Food – Best For Digestive Health

Best Cat Food For Persian Kitten (4)

ORIJEN Original Cat, Grain Free Dry Cat Food – Image Source: Amazon

The best food for kittens to eat is the one that is suitable for their digestive system. In this case, the ORIJEN Original Cat Dry Cat Food is our suggestion. With up to 90% animal ingredients (fish and poultry), this diet is full of the protein your Persian feline needs to thrive.

These wholesome components are designed to resemble the diet of your pet’s ancestors, giving them the balanced nutrition they require to reach their full potential. From their heart health to skin and coat, everything will be taken care of, allowing your four-legged friend to grow strongly and beautifully.

As it is loaded with nutrients, it will help your kitten gain weight faster than other products on the market. So, be careful and do not give it to the pet more than suggested on the bag. Doing so might lead to overfeeding and cause your small fur ball to be chubbier than it is supposed to be.


  • Good for digestion
  • 90% animal ingredients
  • Close to the diet of the Persian cat’s ancestors
  • Diverse ingredient sources


  • Might cause overweight development

Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Chicken Entrée Wet Kitten Food – Best Wet Food Option

Best Cat Food For Persian Kitten (5)

Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Chicken Entrée Wet Kitten Food – Image Source: Amazon

Does your picky Persian furry turn its nose up at kibbles and only lap at gourmet wet food? Well, we have something for you. It’s the Wellness Complete Health Wet Kitten Food. Here’s the exciting news: the main ingredients are chicken, chicken broth, and chicken liver. We’re sure chicken-lover kittens will drool over this item.

Let’s not forget it is grain-free. So, for felines with grain allergies out there, there’s no better choice than Wellness Complete Health. Even better, it is also filler-free, making it a healthy food with tons of nutritional benefits.

Remember we said this is the best wet food option? Well, it’s a blessing and a curse. If your pet loves wet food, they will definitely enjoy this. On the other hand, for furries with more of a dry taste, the texture of this product may bug them a little bit, as it comes with lots of water and is quite runny for some cats.


  • Delicious and easy-to-eat wet food option
  • Grain-free and filler-free
  • Nutritional chicken components


  • Too runny for some cats’ preference

Purina ONE High Protein, Natural Dry Kitten Food – Best For Tight Budgets

Best Cat Food For Persian Kitten (6)

Purina ONE High Protein, Natural Dry Kitten Food – Image Source: Amazon

What if you want to get your feline the best food without breaking the bank? There is nothing better than Purina ONE Dry Kitten Food. We have to admit, we were a bit skeptical when we first saw the price. It is too good and too cheap to be true. But as we wanted to check the quality, we gave it a try. And that was one of the best decisions.

Checking the ingredient list, we see the main component is real meat, including chicken and salmon. These high-quality proteins are what a kitten needs to grow strong muscles. Plus, the natural fiber blended in the formula can help minimize hairballs, resulting in preventing a clogged digestive tract.

That being said, this diet can make your furry friend a bit gassy. Thus, it may not be suitable for kittens with an overly sensitive stomach. 


  • Extremely affordable
  • Real meat components for a protein boost
  • Fiber blended formula for easy digestion
  • DHA-packed ingredients


  • May cause gas issue

IAMS PERFECT PORTIONS Healthy Kitten Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Paté – Best Paté Option

Best Cat Food For Persian Kitten (7)

IAMS PERFECT PORTIONS Healthy Kitten Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Paté – Image Source: Amazon

If you ask us for the optimal paté option, we will say it is the IAMS PERFECT PORTIONS Paté. Not too soft, not too firm. This paté texture is just right, thanks to the chicken liver, chicken meat, and dried egg product. 

Furthermore, the fish oil in the formula serves as the primary source of fat and omega-3 fatty acids in the meal. These components are in perfect amounts for the Persian species, providing enough nutrients to develop skin, hair, and brain uniformly.

Moving on to the cons. The product itself is great – great recipe and great nutritional value. However, the packaging, we are not fans of. The seal is quite tight and difficult to open. 

One time we tried to peel it, we ended up getting a finger cut. It’s not a big problem, but we would have a better overall experience with the product if the manufacturer came up with a more convenient package design.


  • Just-right food texture
  • Provide enough nutrition and energy
  • Delicious and appealing taste for kittens


  • Hard-to-open package design

Royal Canin For Mother & Babycat Canned Cat Food – Best For Ultra Soft Consistency

Best Cat Food For Persian Kitten (8)

Royal Canin For Mother & Babycat Canned Cat Food – Image Source: Amazon

For small kittens who love soft food, this Royal Canin Feline Cat Food will surely make their taste buds dance with its ultra-soft texture. And when we say soft, we mean soft-soft. Containing lots of water blended with pureed chicken meat and organs, the consistency is the smoothest and softest we have ever seen in a cat food product.

Thanks to this, it will be a lot easier for the pet to consume and enjoy. Plus, it also comes with prebiotics in the formula, offering a well-balanced intestinal flora. In the end, this will help the little cats have the best stool quality.

Now, let’s talk about the drawbacks. One thing that is an ick for us is the price tag. Yes, the product is phenomenal and excellent for the pet but assuredly, it’s not good for the owner’s wallet. 


  • Ultra soft consistency
  • Contain prebiotics
  • Bring excellent stool quality
  • Suitable for both mother cats and kittens


  • Pricey 
  • The can gets dented sometimes

Sheba Wet Food PERFECT PORTIONS Kitten Paté Wet Cat Food Trays – Best For Convenience

Best Cat Food For Persian Kitten (9)

Sheba Wet Food PERFECT PORTIONS Kitten Paté Wet Cat Food Trays – Image Source: Amazon

What do you feed Persian kittens? This is the question of most new owners. If you are one of them, we suggest you go for Sheba Wet Cat Food Trays due to their convenience. 

The portion is already divided into the serving trays. There will be no leftovers, which is a food cost savings in the long run. All you have to do is take the package, snap it in half, peel the lid, and then serve to your beloved small furry. Easy, right?

Plus, the diet is created with no artificial flavors, corn, wheat, soy, or grains. This minimizes the chance your kitten gets an allergic reaction. Besides the meaty ingredients, it also has fresh vegetables that provide immunological support and bring better flavor to the dish.

Still, if your cat doesn’t like the taste of vegetables, this Sheba diet might not be the ideal choice. Besides this, there is pretty much nothing to complain about this recipe.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Perfect proportion for kittens
  • No grains, wheat, or other allergic-trigger components
  • DHA-formulated recipe


  • Vegetable taste that is not every cat’s cup of tea

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food – Best For Anti-Foul Odor

Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food – Image Source: Amazon

The smell of the cat treat can sometimes be a deal-breaker for both humans and cats. When it’s too smelly, not only will it make your place smell weird but also affect the appetite of your Persian feline. In this case, Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food is the name you need to remember.

It is also fragrant-free, making it the ideal option for sharp-nose kittens and tight living spaces. Notice that the fragrance is not there, but the nutrients are 100% there. 

Made of chicken, egg products, brown rice, whole grain oats, etc., this all-natural food is a perfect balance of protein, fiber, and carbs. It can help with supporting the small feline’s immune system, bones, teeth, and even digestive system.

That being said, there is something we think can be improved about this product. When we first poured the kibble into a bowl, we were shocked by how tiny the bites were. It is understandable since it’s made for kittens, but still! A slightly larger kibble will still be better and easier for the pets to eat.


  • Little to no fragrance
  • Good for the immune and digestive system
  • Affordable


  • Small kibble size  

Buying Guide – How To Find The Best Food Option For Your Lovely Kitten

I’m still new to this whole taking-care-pet thing; what should I feed my kitten? Don’t worry; we got your back. Let’s start with what you need to know about purchasing food, shall we?

Nutrient Content

First and foremost, we need to consider the nutrient content contained in the product. A well-balanced diet will help support the kitten’s rapid growth and development. Thus, when you buy cat food, look at the nutrient content on the package. 

How much protein, fat, or carbs are there in the treat? Does it provide enough vitamins and minerals? These are the essential questions you need to keep in mind when purchasing cat food products.

Type Of Food

You can find kitten food in several forms, from dry kibble to wet food. Each of them has its own pros and cons. The former is convenient, easy to store, and can help with dental health. 

Meanwhile, the latter is more hydrated and easier to consume and digest. That being said, you can experiment with different texture options and let the cat decide which one it likes the most.


Besides the nutritional values, the ingredients are also what you need to check firsthand. Everything the manufacturer puts into the product is listed on the package. Read it carefully!

Avoid anything with artificial preservatives, excessive fillers, and additives, as they can be harmful to your pet’s health. Products with real meat listed as the primary component or any other high-quality source of protein are preferable.


Going for a reputable brand is always recommended. Established names, such as Purina One, Royal, Canin, Blue Buffalo, etc., often invest in research and quality control, ensuring their products meet the highest and safest standards. 

You can learn more about the brands online and read users’ reviews on each brand. More ideally, if you know other fellow pet owners, asking them for advice and recommendations is a smart move.


Last but not least, the price. How much are you willing to pay? The good news is, no matter what your budget is, there is a suitable option for you. However, while budget considerations are crucial, remember this rule: never compromise on the quality of your kitten’s food. 

We all know a nutritionally balanced diet contributes to the animal’s overall health. It may even help you save extra cash on veterinary bills in the long run. 

Therefore, before deciding, compare prices across different food options and brands and then try to find the best balance between nutritional values and affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Foods Should Persian Cats Avoid?

There are certain types of food that your Persian cats and kittens should avoid, including onions and garlic, raw eggs and meat, chocolate, alcohol, grapes, and raisins. These are quite toxic for pets, so do not let the cats lay their paws on them. Especially for kittens we need to be more careful what should feed some weeks old kittens, it is important to help our Persian cats always healthy.

Should Persian Cats Eat Wet Or Dry Food?

While Persian cats can consume both types of food, wet food for Persian kittens is still considered better for these furry friends. It contains a balanced amount of nutrients while being hydrated enough to make it easier for your pet to digest. 

Meanwhile, dry cat food largely consists of carbs, so Persian cats typically do not get enough protein from it.

How Much Should My Kitten Eat Per Day?

You should give it about ½ to ¾ of an ounce. Plus, kittens need to be fed more frequently during the day since they need more food to support their natural growth. 6-month-old felines need 3 meals per day to develop. From 6 months till maturity, they will thrive when fed twice a day.

Is Rice Bad For Persian Cats?

Not really. Rice is non-toxic to Persian cats, so you can feed it to them in a small amount. Still, rice won’t provide your cat with any extra nutritional benefits since they already eat balanced cat food.

How Do You Know If Your Kitten Is Overeating?

Looking at the kitten’s tummy can help you identify whether it is overeating or not. If the belly seems distended and bulging, it is the clearest sign of overfeeding. When you see this in your feline, readjust the amount of food you give it immediately.

Now you have the ultimate list of the best cat food for Persian kittens in your hand. In short, Royal Canin Persian Breed Dry Kitten Food is the top recipe we suggest for its overall benefits on your beloved furry companion. 

Follow the above recommendations and our notes on factors to look for while purchasing food, and your kitten will undoubtedly grow and develop to its full potential.

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